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Toni-Lynn Barber - GroceryPriceBooks.comMy name is Toni-Lynn and I have been a work-at-home Mom since 2008. I am a single, 35 year old mom to 2 boys, ages 11 and 6, and have lived in Northwest Ohio since 2001. The boys and I love the outdoors and enjoy doing just about anything from playing a card game to taking a summer vacation to California. Spending time together as a family and getting the kids out in the world is important to me.

I created Grocery Price Books in 2008 as a way to provide a second income to my home. I had an idea for a web site that, at the time, wasn’t on the web. I knew in my mind what I wanted and how it would function but, I was clueless about everything internet and coding related. I did my best with what I knew and what I could learn. 6 years later, here it is!

In 2014, Grocery Price Books underwent a major redesign. The functions have become more what I wanted them to be and I hope that you all love it!  None of the redesign could have been made possible without the help of Ryan Kazinec. I am truly in your debt my friend.

I have recently created Social Media accounts and I hope that you will come follow me for all updates Related to Grocery Price Books. You can find all of those links at the bottom of the page.


Please contact me at TONILYNN @ MAKMEDIALLC . COM