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Welcome to Grocery Price Books! If you are a returning user, you will notice some dramatic changes. We have given the site a completely new look, added 13 more stores and made it much easier to navigate! We will be adding information as quickly as we can so I ask that you please be patient. You can also Add A Product to our database. If you find any issues with the site, have questions or comments, please feel free to let us know.

This site is used to compare grocery price. Need to check grocery prices? Here you will find a listing of grocery store items, their everyday selling prices and for most, the UPC code. Our list allows you to compare grocery prices, detect price cycles, spot bargains, and plan your shopping trips for maximum savings. It can also be used to check prices for a quick store run. Please note that we do not list the weeks sale prices, we do not sell anything, and we do not buy anything. Since these are the stores everyday selling prices, the information should only be used as a guide. Prices vary by location but we try our best to list as many as we can.

Please take a moment to submit a product and help us grow! There are hundreds of thousands of items per store and we can’t possibly do it without your help. Thank you in advance.

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